Iridescence - book out now!


Your life’s journey, your story, has a purpose. It is up to you to make it the best story possible, to be iridescent.


At 34 years of age, Paul Callaghan could see a very bright future until a personal crisis surrounded him in darkness. From this place of solitude, fear and pain, Paul was able to see that although he was a good person who had done good things in his life, and had good things in his life, there was something missing. He was lost. So began his search for meaning and his search to find himself. Since that time, he has lived each day with the intent of achieving the best story possible.

Paul Callaghan has established a specialised consultancy business that aims to enable people to live the best story possible. In particular, this consultancy provides services to individuals and organisations wanting to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of services they deliver to Aboriginal and Torres Strait people. Read more …
Paul Callaghan is a highly regarded speaker. His delivery can incorporate Aboriginal contexts and contemporary business contexts given his extensive experience in both environments. Read more …
Wellbeing workshops based on the themes within ‘iridescence’ can be accessed in a number of ways. The workshops use Aboriginal culture and philosophy to challenge and energise individuals to own their lives and work towards a goal of wellbeing. Read more …